Groton, South Dakota

City Hall
209 N Main St
PO Box 587







Groton Connection


The class of 1961 invites you to join their "Groton Connection" organization on the internet. We have 115 plus folks on our list. Some still live in Groton, Some used to live in Groton, and some just passed by and want to hear the news. We share events about Groton, class reunions, family stories, and just about anything that is "family rated." Duane Berreth took on the job as the unofficial editor and he keeps the email address list. When someone wants to send out a message to all they send it on to Duane and he emails it out to the group. We send out no pictures or jokes to keep it simple. Some folks have made their own email address list and they send out messages to the group and that is ok.

To join the Groton Connection just contact Duane


Class of 61 Photo


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61 photo

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School Song in 61

Oh, Hail the Groton Tigers
We're here a hundred million strong.
Our hearts are always with you.
And eyes upon you every tiger man.
Oh, yes we're here to cheer you
And put the old pep in each play.
So Fight! Fight! Tigers!
Fight! Fight! Tigers!
Charge and fight your way to victory.