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Community Fund

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Community Fund
PO Box 592
106 North Main Street
Groton, SD 57445
Phone: 605-397-2680
Fax: 605-397-4400

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You May also Contact One of the Following

Richard Kolker 397-8464
Dennis K. Larson, Treasurer 397-2680
Gerald Rix, 397-8478
Orville Schaller 397-2451
Steve Simon, VP 397-8507
Jeannette Wegner, Secretary 397-8291

If you are considering a gift to the Groton Community Fund, you are encouraged to seek advice in putting together a plan that is best suited to your personal situation.

The fund is held by the Lutheran Community Foundation in Minneapolis, MN. The Foundation provides sound and responsible investment management of the Endowment Fund, as well as gift expertise through its experienced professional staff

The staff of the Foundation is available to work with you and your attorney, financial advisor and accountant to facilitate a charitable gift that benefits the fund and fits your individual needs and motivations. The Lutheran Community Foundation is located at 625 Fourth Avenue South, Suite 1415, Minneapolis, MN 55415. Telephone: 1-800-365-4172


The Groton Community Fund is dedicated to supporting charitable purposes and activities for the betterment of the Groton Community. In addition to helping the community, there are a number of benefits to those who make a gift to the Fund:

Flexibility: A gift to the Groton Community Fund can be made by anyone, and distributions can be requested to any nonprofit organization in the Groton community.

Simplicity: A gift to the Groton Community Fund simplifies charitable giving. One contribution can address a number of different community needs and benefits a variety of organizations.

Permanence: Gifts made today will continue to support your concerns far into the future. Should your gift be directed to a cause that becomes obsolete, the Fund will redirect your gift to preserve its original intent.

Tax Advantages: Gifts to the Fund qualify for the maximum deductibility for income, gift, and estate tax purposes.

Anonymity: the Groton Community Fund provides donors with the opportunity to make truly anonymous gifts. Your name will be disclosed only at your request, and you can request anonymity for life or forever, if that is your wish.

Gift Options

Groton Community Fund donors can make contributions through a multitude of options, and gifts of all sizes and forms are welcome.

CASH A gift of cash is one way to realize your charitable objectives. Cash gifts qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes and are fully deductible up to 50% of your adjusted gross income in the year that the gift is made. Deduction amounts exceeding this limit may be carried forward up to five additional years.

SECURITIES Gifts of appreciated securities (stocks, bonds and stock in closely-held companies) can also be given to the Endowment Fund. You can completely bypass capital gains tax and deduct the full current fair market value of the gift of securities, equaling up to 30% of your adjusted gross income in the year of the gift. Excess can be carried up to five additional years.

BEQUESTS Through your will, you can perpetuate good works with a living memorial. The Endowment Fund can be beneficiary of all or a portion of your estate, the recipient of a specified gift or contingent bequest, or the ultimate beneficiary of a charitable remainder trust. Bequests are deductible for federal estate tax purposes.

LIFE INSURANCE There are several ways to give life insurance. You can give a life insurance policy that you already own, give a new contract, or name the endowment Fund as a beneficiary. Premium payments for charitable life insurance contracts are tax deductible.

REAL ESTATE A give of property held for more than one year can provide the same federal tax advantages as a gift of securities. You can also choose to retain the right to live in a donated residence after your gift has been made.

GIFTS WITH A LIFETIME INCOME INTEREST Deferred gifts include gifts in which you make an irrevocable transfer of assets to a charitable remainder trust and receive in return an income interest for life or term of years. This income is paid to specified beneficiaries: the donor, a spouse, children or friend. Thereafter, the Endowment Fund receives the assets.