Groton, South Dakota

City Hall
209 N Main St
PO Box 587








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Businesses Meet Family Needs

The healthy Groton business district will meet all of your family needs. A new grocery store along with an adjoining strip mall is an impressive new addition to the city. Within that strip mall is a clinic with a full-time physician’s assistant. Across the street from the strip mall is a drug store and a chiropractor’s office. A fully staffed and certified nursing home with an Alzheimer’s unit as well as an independent senior living facility is located within the city limits.  The Groton Transit bus system is available to transport individuals to the bank, grocery store, school events, etc. It is also used daily to take pre-school children to and from day care and school. The transit bus also provides medical runs to doctors in Aberdeen. The City of Groton has many unique businesses that provide employment for many individuals and service to the entire community. There is a floral and home décor business, a bio-refining business, and a flourishing telephone cooperative which provides telephone service, cable television, high speed Internet, and cell phones.


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